Why DreamTree?

Our Promise And Values


Specialized Marketing Platform

Buyers looking for land don't always search in the same places as buyers looking for homes or commercial property.  It's simple, advertise rural property where buyers searching for rural property will see it!  Though this is a simple idea, it is not without a lot of effort on our part to remain current with the best places to get your listing in front of qualified buyers.  We strive everyday to tweak our marketing plan so that your property for sale listing is seen by the buyers that count! 


Land Specific Experience

Buyers searching to invest in rural properties need a specific set of information about those properties so they can decide whether or not the advertised property is worth a serious look.  With a registered forester on staff and agents that have combined the experience of more than 60 years in owning, marketing, & selling rural property in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, we are uniquely qualified to highlight all of your properties attributes and to provide the insightful information needed to lead qualified buyers to a purchase of your property.  We use our knowledge and experience to provide detailed maps, specific directions, and accurate information about oland cover & access.  We also stand ready to answer questions specific to rural property. 


A Developed Buyer Network

It is not uncommon in the business of selling rural properties to have repeat customers!  Buyers place great value in being able to deal with a broker and agents in which they trust.  Buyers also place value on dealing with professionals that can provide complete and accurate information about the resource in which they choose to invest.  We work hard to develop life long relationships with buyers so that they will look at our Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee properties first and more often.  We employ many tasks that allow us to stay in touch with these buyers often so they always know about our properties offered for sale.


Because You Are A Wise Investor

It's a free question....Why hire DreamTree Forestry & Farms to represent me as a BUYER/INVESTOR?  Purchasing land is a rewarding, but complex investment.  Wise investors rarely put their hard earned money to work without guidance from an investment specific professional.  Our 60 plus years of combined experience buying and selling rural land in Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi for ourselves and for our clients has blessed us with the knowledge and experience needed to help you avoid costly mistakes and to make your investment strong on the buying end of the equation.  With DreamTree, you will see properties for sale that you would not have found otherwise, you will have expert advice and professional representation at your side, and you will be able to buy with confidence knowing that your decision-making process is sound.

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